The Shader Kids fund, which is administered under the umbrella of the Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund, currently offers two types of ongoing annual sponsorships.

1. Shader Kids Camper Sponsorship

The Shader Kids Foundation works with selected partner outdoor camps to identify deserving campers who do not have the full financial resources available to them to attend an outdoor camp on an ongoing basis. The selection process is based on the Shader Kids core values of Leadership, Growth and Stewardship. Our sponsorship is also dependent on some financial contribution from the camper’s family.

2. Tim Ross Memorial Award for Leadership in an Outdoor Environment

In keeping with the spirit of promoting leadership skills and values, and encouraging the development of leaders within the summer camping community, Shader Kids has partnered with the YMCA Camp Chief Hector to reward outstanding staff members pursuing education or training in outdoor education.

Individuals will be nominated by the senior staff of the camp on the following criteria:

  • Individual has demonstrated leadership, growth and respect for the environment.
  • Individual has completed their contract with Camp Chief Hector YMCA.
  • Individual is pursuing studies in an outdoor and/or environmental educational field.
  • Individual agrees to direct this incentive towards their tuition (or materials) at their educational institute or training course (individuals will be asked to provide proof of enrolment/payment.)

Further to the nomination by the Camp Chief Hector YMCA staff, the decision to award the scholarship will ultimately rest with the Shader Kids Committee. Nominees may be asked to provide additional information at the Committee’s discretion.

Read more about Award Recipients.