About Shader Kids

About the Shader Kids Foundation


To provide a fun outdoor experience within the Canadian Camping Community that values young people and enables them to reach their full leadership potential through selection and provision of financial support.


Potential Leaders: We will achieve our goals by selecting potential leaders that lack the financial resources and who have been identified through school, community and/or camping organizations.

Growth:We will only place potential campers in an atmosphere that builds individual self-confidence, social responsibility and appreciation of others for their future development.

Leadership Responsibility: We will endeavor to expose these campers to an environment where leaders have a highly developed sense of responsibility and feeling for the welfare of the campers they will lead and teach the essentials of ability, character and skill, embodied in the magic qualities of good leadership.

Financial Capability: We will raise money from donors (corporate, personal and other foundations), events, and special functions to build a capital fund and we will ensure that donated resources are managed effectively and used to their maximum advantage.

Continuity of purpose: We will respect and carry on the strong legacy of our inspiration, original supporters and founders.

Legacy: This foundation has been inspired by the memory of Tim Ross, 1972-2004, who dedicated his life developing the leadership potential and personal enrichment that can be achieved through education, living and a fun filled experience in nature.

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