The 8th Annual Shader Kids Weekend – Good Times!

Posted by Shader Kids Team on July 08, 2013

What a weekend the 8th Annual Shader Kids Weekend turned out to be! Thanks to everyone who joined us at beautiful YMCA CCH May 25th & 26th to celebrate our dear friend Tim. Your generous contributions to sending deserving kids to camp and burgeoning leaders to university again this year are so very appreciated.

The Shader Kids team is so delighted and honoured to be a part of such an incredible community of people. We know that Tim would be so proud of the magic we make happen when we gather on these weekends.

It was such fun to see all of the young’uns exploring camp this year, and so many friendships being made and solidified. And, of course we have to mention the first-ever win by the WEST on the ball hockey court (we won’t mention the injuries & relative depth of the East team and will just pretend that the win was a “fair” one!)

And… speaking of magic, huge thanks to our friends the Dojo Workhorse for an incredible show on Saturday night. They were amazing.

Once again, with your help, we’ve raised a significant amount towards sending kids to both Kilcoo Camp and Camp Summit this summer, along with our two CCH Staff scholarships. Watch this space for more information on our recipients.

Check out some pictures from the event, and looking forward to seeing you all up at beautiful Kilcoo Camp for next year’s event happening May 24-25th, 2014!

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